Our Services

At Sayara car rental, we provide hassle-free and complete car rental solutions to our customers.

Car Leasing

At Sayara car leasing, we offer wide range of flexible car leasing arrangements for individuals and corporates. Our core competency is to provide transparent and easy to manage car leasing services to our customers. We have brand new fleets from leading car manufacturers to provide our customers with the latest models with wide range of features, the most modern designs and the most economical car.

Its is easy for corporates and Individuals to lease a car from a reputed company rather than taking the risk and liability of insuring, registering, maintaining, owning and buying/selling the car. At Sayara car leasing, we offer trained and experienced staff who will guide you through the car lease plans. What’s more, you can enjoy the combined benefits of Sayara car leasing services and Cozmo Travel LLC and experience a comprehensive approach to effective travel management, unique to Sayara’s service offering.

  • Zero Down Payment

    Enjoy Zero Down Payment option with economical Fixed Monthly Plans

  • Choose your brand

    Choose your favorite brand car from our brand new fleets from leading car

  • At your support 24x7

    We are there for your support 24x7 in case of accident or breakdown