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Frequently Asked Questions - Sayara Rental Answers


While renting a car in the UAE, a security deposit is taken from a credit Card which is refunded after 30 working days after return of the car onto the same credit card from which it was taken. Deposit is taken in form of an purchase from the credit card

Certain road in the UAE have road toll for which a TOLL chip is already installed in the car for hassle free drive which is later invoiced to the customer

In Dubai it is called as Salik and in Abu Dhabi it is called as Darb.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in our cars , if found there will be penalty charges .

You have to be minimum 25 years old to rent a car with Sayara

Yes, Credit card is mandatory whilst renting a car as deposit shall be taken from it 

Sayara provides 24/7 roadside assistance while on the road so that our customers can have a hassle free drive

As per industry standard tire is not covered under roadside assistance there would be a spare tire kept in the car incase of tire puncture it can be used and the punctured tire has to be fixed.

Incase of accident, once you ensure you are perfectly safe and sound along with your co passengers immediately call the police on 999 and follow the instructions to secure a police report as police report is mandatory incase of accident

Sayara vehicles are strictly not permitted for off-roading.

If there is any outstanding amount reflecting then yes ,your credit card shall be charged even after returning the car 

Yes, excess km driven will be charged as we do have mileage restriction on our cars, below are the details

Daily Rental: 350KM /Day

Weekly Rental: 1500KM/week

Monthly Rental : 4000KM/month

Additional km charges varies for each category of vehicle

No, one person can hire one car at a time only.