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Everything You Need To Know About Driving In UAE

Are you planning for a Dubai visit? The city has hot weather, and renting an AC car will benefit you. If you drive a car, you must be familiar with the rules and regulations for driving in Dubai(UAE).If you are driving yourself, you should understand the rules and regulations for driving in the UAE.

Everything You Need To Know About Driving In UAE

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UAE has stringent laws regarding traffic rules. Breaking the rules may lead to imprisonment. Let's discuss everything you need to know about driving in the UAE.

Who Can Drive in the UAE?

You should have a minimum age limit of 18 to drive in the UAE and rent a car; you must be at least 21. Tourists can navigate using their national permit or an International Driving License during their visa stay.

For Expats Driving in the UAE:

Expatriates need to get a temporary driving license from their emirate. They can either exchange their national permit for a local one or start obtaining a local one.

Eligible Countries for License Transfer Include:

✔   The Gulf Cooperation Council

✔   EU member states 

✔   Australia 

✔   Canada 

✔   Japan 

✔   South Korea

✔   New Zealand 

✔   South Africa 

✔   Switzerland 

✔   Türkiye 

✔   United Kingdom

✔   United States 

Transfer Requirements:

✔   Original driving license with Arabic translation

✔   No-objection certificate from the employer

✔   Recent eye test

✔   UAE ID card

✔   Residence visa

✔   Passport photos

If Your License Is Not from an Eligible Country:

The process is more complex, involving lessons, tests, and starting a new. Driving Throughout the UAE:

Once you have your new driving license, you can drive across the UAE and GCC states. The credit-card-sized license includes your photo, full name, nationality, valid dates, and permitted vehicle class. The license duration depends on your original license and residence permit, which is easily renewable. The transfer cost in Dubai is AED 410.Rules and regulations tend to change for the updated list you may refer to the RTA site.

Driving Rules and Penalties in the UAE

General Driving Rules:

✔   Hands-Free Phones:

✔   Exclusively use hands-free phones while driving.

✔   Seatbelt Usage:

✔   Always wear your seatbelt for enhanced safety.

Child Safety:

Ensure children are seated in appropriate child seats in the car's rear.

Overtaking Direction:

Overtake on the left-hand side due to driving on the right. Large roads, often freeways, allow overtaking on either side.

In-Car Essentials: Mandatory Documents:

Keep your required documents with you in the car, including:

✔   Insurance. 

✔   A warning triangle.

✔   A spare wheel. 

✔   A fire extinguisher.

✔   Personal Identification:

Always carry your driving license, car registration, and ID with you.

Zero Tolerance towards Alcohol:

There is a strict policy for using alcohol during driving. Alcohol is strictly banned, and violation of the rule results in a fine and imprisonment. 

Speed Limits:

✔   Highways: 100–160 km/h

✔   Rural Areas: 100 km/h

✔   Urban Areas: 40–80 km/h

✔   Residential Areas: 40 km/h

✔   Parking Areas and Service Roads: 25 km/h

Driving Without a License:

Driving without a license carries a jail term and a substantial fine. Stay informed and abide by these rules for a safe driving experience in the UAE.

Tips for driving in Dubai

You must follow the driving rules in UAE. Stay safe from other vehicles and do not exceed the speed limit.

Choose Quiet Times: 

If you are newly driving in Dubai, consider going on Friday morning when the roads are empty. 

Maintain Safe Distance: 

Not everyone in Dubai maintains a safe distance between cars. If someone pulls into the space you left, you must adjust and ensure a safe distance. It's recommended to stay three seconds behind the vehicle in front.

Be Mindful of Speed: 

If another driver is speeding, either pull over or maintain your speed. Do not increase your speed, as there are numerous speed cameras, and police frequently patrol main thoroughfares. Remember, speed limits in Dubai are in kilometers, not miles.

Lane Discipline: 

People in Dubai may not always use lanes appropriately. Some might drive slower in the fast lane or speed in the slow lane. Be cautious of drivers using the hard shoulder or abruptly changing lanes.

Respond to Headlight Flashes: 

If someone flashes their headlights at you, they likely want you to make way. It could be the police or an impatient driver. If possible, move, but only when it's safe. To avoid this, stay out of fast lanes.

Watch for Hazards: 

Stay alert, especially outside the central city, as you may encounter unusual road hazards like goats and camels. Drive slowly around camels, as heavy animals can move quickly.

Don't Drink and Drive:

It is strictly illegal to drink and drive in Dubai. Even a tiny amount of alcohol can result in imprisonment. Always opt for alternative transportation if you have consumed alcohol.

Know Road Signs: 

Familiarize yourself with road signs in Dubai. Blue signs indicate mandatory instructions, circular signs with a red outline denote prohibited actions and triangular signs with a red outline are warnings. Road signs are in both English and Arabic.

Passing and Turning 


Since driving is on the right in Dubai, always pass from the left. When changing lanes, thoroughly check all three mirrors and perform a shoulder check to ensure the road is clear. Activate your indicator signal to communicate with drivers behind you before changing lanes.


Avoid turning right at a red light unless there is a yield sign.

Conduct turns only in dedicated lanes; for example, do not make a U-turn at non-dedicated U-turn lanes.

Right of the day

✔   Yields to pedestrians at designated pedestrian crossings.

✔   Give way to vehicles on major roads at T-junctions.

✔   Allow vehicles on the road right of way when pulling out of a parking spot.

✔   Yield to vehicles on a major road when approaching from a minor road.

✔   Come to a stop and give way to children boarding or alighting from a school bus with flashing lights.

✔   Prioritize giving way to emergency vehicles and military convoys.

✔   Yield to the vehicle that arrives first at a traffic junction or traffic circle with no traffic signals.

UAE Government Initiative

UAE Government Initiative How doctors can reach medical emergencies quicker using Bin Wraiqa  Service The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government has launched a new initiative called the "Bin Wraiqa Service," aimed at improving the response time of doctors to medical emergencies. The service utilizes advanced technology and infrastructure to connect doctors with patients in critical situations more efficiently and effectively. 


Tolls are applicable on the following roads in Dubai:

✔   Sheikh Zayed Road

✔   Al Garhoud Bridge

✔   Al Maktoum Bridge

✔   Beirut Street

✔   Al Ittihad Street

Emergency Numbers

In case of a roadside emergency in Dubai, contact the following numbers:

✔   Police: 999 or 112

✔   Ambulance: 998 or 112

✔   Fire department: 997 or 112

The DCAS SOS app for emergency ambulance services is a useful tool for drivers in Dubai. Its SOS feature pinpoints the person's exact location.

Which side of the road do you drive on in Dubai?

In Dubai, you drive on the right-hand side of the road, and the vehicles have their steering wheels on the left.

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