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Top 5 Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi Explore Beautiful Places With Sayara Car Rental

Is the Peugeot car model your favourite, and do you want to visit Abu Dhabi in this car model? We will inform you where you can book your favourite Peugeot to visit memorable places in Abu Dhabi.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi Explore Beautiful Places With Sayara Car Rental

Abu Dhabi was once a tiny fishing village populated by the Bani Yas tribe in 1970. With the discovery of oil, the city has converted from a town to a modern city. Now, it is a popular tourist destination. If you plan a tour of Abu Dhabi as your holiday package, the city's unique cultural richness will leave you with unforgettable memories. 

Local transport is an option for visiting throughout Abu Dhabi, but renting a car will make your journey comfortable. You can access all the places easily. Try Sayara Car Rentals, one of the best car hire companies across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. With Sayara car rentals, make your journey comfortable with many joyful memories.

1-Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: Abu Dhabi's Architectural Marvel

Visit Abu Dahbi's famous Grand mosque with Sayaara car rentals. It is a great tourist attraction, and you will be stunned to see this mosque. It blends designs like Mameluke, Ottoman, and Fatimid, making it more attractive. It is made with fantastic glasswork, mosaics and delicate carvings on its walls and floors. This mosque is so big that it can hold twenty thousand people simultaneously. 

2-Ferrari World: Where Thrills Meet Luxury in Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is a super cool theme park with Formula One racing excitement! Many people visit this special place, especially when on a trip planned by Dubai Tourism. It's a perfect spot for friends and families to have a great time together.

3-Observation Deck At 300

The observation deck at 300 is super tall, giving a view of the city at 74 floors of Jumeirah at the Etihad Towers Hotel.it is like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the highest spot in the city. You have to pay to go up there. It's not just a view; it's a fancy experience. They even have a food court to enjoy a fantastic high tea in the afternoon. They have a special menu just for this, and you get to eat delicious food while looking at the super cool views around the city. It's an excellent time for anyone who visits!

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4-Yas Waterworld: 

This park has super cool things to try, like the world's first hydro-magnetic tornado water rafting ride and the most giant surfable sheet wave ever! You can have so much fun with different rides, whether you like a little adventure or a lot.

Yas Waterworld offers you nice cafes in which to chill. It is an enjoyable place to visit. You can enjoy the cool vibes of Yas Island. So, if you want to spend some calm time with friends and family, Yas Island has something for everyone to offer. Book your car ride with Sayaara car rentals at affordable prices and enjoy big thrills at Yas Island.

5-Qasr Al-Hosn: Abu Dhabi's Historic Gem

Look at Qasr Al-Hosn with the sayara car rentals in Abu Dhabi. It is also known as White Fort and is one of the most historical places in the city. It was built in 1793 and was the government's central place for the rulers to live. Your visit inside Al-Hosn Fort, just like a museum, takes you to the history of Abu Dhabi culture.

Visiting Qasr Al-Hosn is like a fun adventure into the city's past. You can easily see this by booking a car rental service from Sayaara Car Rentals. Do visit their site to grab a fleet of your choice.

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4; Convenient Pickup and Drop-Off Locations - Accessibility at Your Fingertips

You can explore the city at your own pace with Sayaara car rentals. You can book the ride from our Abu Dhabi location and start your Abu Dhabi exploration.

Sayaara Car Rentals - Terms and Conditions

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Smoking is strictly prohibited in our rental cars. Violation of this policy will result in penalty charges.

Minimum Age Requirement:

The minimum age requirement is 25 years old for renting a car with Sayaara.

Credit Card Requirement:

A valid credit card is a must for renting a car from Sayaara. We will charge a deposit to your credit card for security during the rental period.


Q-1: Will you get charged after returning the car?

Your credit card shall be charged even after returning the car if any outstanding amount is reflected.

Q-2: will you be charged for additional km driven during your rental tenure

Yes, excess km driven will be charged, and mileage restrictions apply:

Daily Rental: 350 KM/Day

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Monthly Rental: 4000KM/month

Additional km charges vary for each category of vehicle.

Q-3 Can you hire/book 2 cars under my name

No, one person can hire one car at a time only.